What is Judson Concepts?

Honoring decades of creative collaborations in a medium that continues to evolve, our newest division was launched with the intention of fostering creative experimentation in glass. Projects aren’t limited by form or method; in fact, the only “rule” is a promise to push boundaries.

For information or to book a tour, e-mail us at tours@judsonstudios.com
or by phone at (323) 244-4525

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Collaborations & Partnerships

Under the banner of Judson Concepts we’ve worked with several renowned fine artists and designers, including Sage Vaughn, El Mac and Ruth Weisberg, Kelly Wearstler and Commune, translating their ideas into luminous glass artworks. Pieces like these and the forthcoming “Sphere of Light” project from our own Narcissus Quagliata, close the conceptual gap between art and craft, and expand the perspectives of both viewer and creator.

Building the Future

The stained glass Telecaster we fashioned for Fender is just one example of the many new directions we are exploring (Watch Video). We relish meeting with architects, brands and designers who ask, “Can this be done?”

Our Mission to think bigger and broader includes public monuments and parks, airports and other transit centers, and products that circle back around to some of our earliest commissions from legendary architects like R.M. Schindler and Greene & Greene.