Fusing & Kiln Forming

Honoring decades of creative collaborations in a medium that continues to evolve, our newest division was launched with the intention of fostering creative experimentation in glass. We work with contemporary artists, designers, and architects on public art, fine art works, private residences, commercial spaces, and religious institutions.

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Judson Studios began fusing and kiln-forming when Creative Director Tim Carey decided that in order to be successful in translating his design for the Church of the Resurrection window, he would need to find a way to introduce a wider range of rich, contemporary color into the glass. In collaboration with Narcissus Quagliata, the two developed a unique process of layering enamel paint, colored sheet glass, and crushed glass- “frit”. This process results in a product that displays a wide variety of fluidity, depth, and color in a single piece of glass, where traditional stained glass utilizes a single color.

Fused glass can be successfully leaded or span up to a continuous panel of 8 feet by 4 feet. We work directly with our clients to understand specific needs in design, fabrication, and installation. Our glass is sourced from the Bullseye Glass Co. factory in Portland, OR, and all steps of production take place in our facilities in Los Angeles. This ensures that your kiln-formed and fused glass projects are made entirely from start to finish in the United States.