Anne-Elizabeth Sobieski

Santa Clarita Fire Station 104 by Anne-Elizabeth Sobieski (2020) in Santa Clarita, CA, commissioned by the Los Angeles County Public Arts Commission. This public art work collaboration was produced from original designs by Sobieski, and manufactured in our studio with Tim Carey Studio.

Amir H. Fallah

“Embracing the World” (2017) by Amir H. Fallah, in collaboration with Judson Studios, was one of our first artist collaborations ever in our new fusing studio. The piece, which is a self portrait of the artists, is based off an original painting by Fallah that we translated into stained and fused glass. “Offering” (2018) by Amir H. Fallah, was our second collaboration with the artist. The work followed a similar process of translating an original drawing info a fused and leaded panel. Both pieces were displayed at Shulamit Nazarian Gallery in Los Angeles, CA.

David Flores

“The Muralist” (2017) by David Flores, in collaboration with Judson Studios. Judson Studios took a design by David Flores and translated it into a stained glass and fused glass panel. The work was displayed as part of his solo show at Sullivan Goss Gallery in Santa Barbara, CA in October of 2017.

James Jean

“Portals” (2018) by James Jean, in partnership with Judson Studios. The work includes three panels titled “Portal Verso,” “Portal Interior,” and “Portal Recto.” Judson Studios took designs from James Jean and crafted them into into a stained glass and fused glass triptych. The work was displayed as part of his solo gallery show “Azimuth” at Kaikai Kiki Gallery in Tokyo, Japan in April of 2018. Our second collaboration with Jean entitled “Gaia” (2019), is a nearly 8 foot tall three dimensional crystal made entirely of fused glass and bound with lead in a custom steel frame. The piece was displayed at another of Jean’s gallery exhibitions, this time at Lotte Museum in Seoul, South Korea.

Jane Brucker

Artist Jane Brucker’s work, Fragile Thoughts, installed at Long Beach Museum of Art, 2018. A collaboration with Judson Studios, the piece pays tribute to Elizabeth Milbank Anderson (1850-1921), philanthropist and public health pioneer.

Joseph P. Gerges

“Liberation” by Joseph P. Gerges (2020) was the culmination of a nearly 1 year residency at our fused glass studio. Joe pushed the capabilities and techniques of our staff to create this truly unique work. The piece was first installed at Forest Lawn Museum as part of their exhibition “Judson Studios: Stained Glass from Gothic to Street Style.”

Laurie Frick

“Transparent Data” (2018) by Laurie Frick commissioned by Texas A&M University, for the College of Engineering at Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. Laurie Frick came to Judson Studios with her design and we worked together in the studio to choose colors and decide on a technique. From there Judson Studios ramped up production on these hundreds of pieces. We cut, fused, drilled, documented, and crated all of the panels before shipping them to the College of Engineering at Texas A&M University. The data on one wall represents what types of engineering projects are being worked on by current students, and the other wall represents projects that were worked on by alumni.

Malene Barnett

Judson Studios hosted multidisciplinary artist Malene Barnett, in an artist residency, who worked with Narcissus Quagliata for a week of intensive sample making resulting in this full composition.

Barnett works in a variety of mediums from “sculptural ceramic tiles and vessels to mixed media paintings to handwoven rugs […] using natural materials like the finest wools, silks, pastels and clay [to] uncover a deeper language of her legacy and an authentic understanding of her cultural identity.” She had previously taken only one class in stained glass under the instruction of Judith Schechter before participating in this residency.

Matthew Day Perez

“Grade” and “Crush” (2018) by Matthew Day Perez, in partnership with Judson Studios and Bullseye Glass. Judson Studios worked with fine artist Matthew Day Perez to produce two fused and mirrored pieces. The works were cold worked, finished, and displayed at Bullseye Projects in Portland, OR before coming back down to Los Angeles in April of 2018.

Sarah Cain

“We Will Walk Right Up To The Sun” by Sarah Cain. Stained and fused glass windows, 9’ 9” x 144’ – Commissioned by the San Francisco Art Commission for the Airtrain at the San Francisco International Airport


In November of 2018 Judson Studios produced these two panels entitled “Sparrow,” for UK based artist Schoph as part of his solo show that took place at The House of Machines Los Angeles for Vans Now. In June of 2020 we produced a second piece for the artists entitled “The Wizard.”