When you think of stained glass, what comes to mind may be the grand castles of Medieval England or the cathedrals of Paris. But you don’t have to take a transcontinental flight or a time machine to view some stunning examples of this ancient decorative art.

Known pretty much synonymously as “architectural glass,” “art glass,” “leaded glass,” and “stained glass,” this sculptural element can take form as windows, walls, or ceilings in many of L.A.’s intriguing churches, temples, and other houses of worship – as well as fine dining establishments, financial institutions, hotels, theaters, and more.

And while some of these ornamental pieces actually have come from France, Germany, and other parts across the pond, much of it has come from Southern California’s own artists – some of whom, like Judson Studios, have been crafting away (Middle Ages-style) for over a century.


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